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Mobile Phone

Join us in Praying for Life

You will receive a text with "Psalm 139" every time we have an abortion-minded client at our Clinic or Mobile Unit. This allows you to support us by praying for the situation and each person involved (client, counselor, baby, other family members). Thank you for partnering in ministry with us.

Text "PRAYHOPE" TO 84576

Become a Prayer Warrior

We have set up a calendar in 15 minute increments for every moment we are open. Select a day and time from the sign up sheet. You will receive an email confirmation with suggested topics of prayer. Then pray for us each week at your selected time. No one else will have that time slot, so please choose your time wisely.


We are on the frontlines of an intense spiritual battle and we need you covering us in prayer. We are looking for people called to regularly approach His throne on behalf of our staff, volunteers, and clients.

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